About Us

About Souled-Out.World

Here at Souled-Out.World we take pride in offering designs that are deeply rooted in a rich history of people finding and asserting their voice. Our collection of clothing and accessories is more than just fashion; it is a statement of identity and empowerment.

Each piece features powerful messages, along with historical and contemporary images, that reflect significant moments and movements. These designs serve as a reminder of the ongoing struggle for justice and equality, encouraging you to make your voice heard in today's world.

Our items are not only designed with meticulous care and love but are also intended to be worn with a sense of pride and purpose. By choosing our products, you are not just making a fashion statement; you are embracing and continuing a legacy of expression and activism.

Every time you wear one of our creations, you contribute to a broader dialogue about history, culture, and the power of the human spirit. Celebrate your unique voice and the collective heritage of those who have spoken out for change by wearing our thoughtfully crafted apparel and accessories.  

A lot of effort has been made to bring great designs and high quality made-to-order items to the Souled Out World shop. It's been built to sell you great products with fair margins.

Designed with Love - Worn with Pride.


About Promises Project

Souled Out World is the Gift Shop of Promises Project we create and produce written, visual and audio content, clothing and art for the physical and digital worlds. We entertain, educate and advocate for a positive future in a world of full of doubt.

Vist our online magazine Pen vs Sword - Image Rich Articles about Today's Questions and Events that have Shaped Us. Deep Dives into Artists, Wordsmiths, Thinkers and Game Changers. Music Shows From Around The World. - It's Mightier When You Think!

Visit our online bookshop Promises Books - Our digital bookshelves are created and curated to try to express and encourage educated conversations, provide escapism, make you laugh, make you cry, give you hope, give you options and achieve positive change with amazing books. It benefits Bristish independent bookshops and we get 10% on every sale.

Through our creative endeavours, we attempt to inspire hope, foster understanding, and promote a vision of a better, more connected world. By harnessing the power of creativity and communication, we aim to make a meaningful impact and encourage a brighter, more inclusive future for all.